There is a wealth of strong small and medium-size companies in the Danish business sector with a track record of creating value for both customers, employees and shareholders on a daily basis. Most of these companies are not very visible, but at BWB Partners we know many of them.

Our funds typically invest in companies with a turnover between DKK 150m – DKK 750 million and a strong growth potential. These companies ideally need to have a clearly differentiated product or service area that serves a strong purpose for their customers.

We invest in owner-led companies focused on generational change, and we also support younger management teams who see opportunities for creating further growth in their company.

Our goal is to develop each individual company over a number of years to secure a significant growth in both turnover and earnings.

BWB Partners is an active owner in all the companies that we own. In addition to capital we bring a strategic direction and operational focus by creating a strong and competent network around the company and its management.

Creating value

BWB Partners participates actively as owner of our companies. We are sincere and solution-oriented, and we know that a consistent development of each individual company is the path to value creation.

Our aim is to drive each company that we own towards becoming an attractive medium-size business with a strong market position and healthy earnings. It is a major task to achieve such a transformation of a company, which is why our investment horizon is usually four to seven years.

We work to increase the companies’ value creation by boosting organic growth, participating in sector consolidation, developing the management structure and carrying out operational improvements while working closely with the management and employees.

Our investment process is highly flexible because of our independence and ability to move quickly wherever it is needed.


Good results are created by people. So for BWB Partners the most important task is to make sure that skilled managers and competent employees are able to develop their companies within the best possible framework.

We see each investment as a common project for us and the management – a partnership. It is therefore crucial that the management and former majority shareholders invest alongside BWB Partners in the companies that we enter as the main shareholder.

For us a successful partnership is characterised by an open, honest and straightforward dialogue, a decision- and solution-focused approach, and high professional standards of working.

As investors we draw on a strong network of industrial advisers who can support the management team in each company as well as assisting our own investment team in analysing companies, structural changes, and acquisitions.