Holmris to merge with B8

5. February 2018

The 5th of February 2018, Holmris and B8 signed an agreement to merge the two companies. The merger of the two large office furniture factories based in Bjerringbro is also the story of two families who find themselves in a new strong common unit. The merger will create a strong Nordic supplier of furniture for the professional market with a total turnover of 1.1 billion DKK and more than 400 employees.

The name of the new company will be HOLMRIS B8.

HOLMRIS B8 will employ approximately 180 employees in Bjerringbro and the merger provides a great opportunity to benefit from many economies of scale in both production and sales.

“It has been important for me and the family that B8 has found a future-proof port, and here I see the merger with Holmris as a very good solution, which also ensures that jobs are maintained in Bjerringbro,” says Niels Due Jensen.

Through recent years, Holmris A/S has created strong growth in all four customer segments Office, Learning, Care and Hospitality (hotel) and enters the merger with the largest revenue. To continue the ambitious journey both nationally and abroad, Holmris needs strong frameworks to grow in.

“Today, B8 has several well-implemented IT and ERP systems, modern production facilities and proven service and environmental concepts we and our customers can benefit greatly from,” says CEO Henrik Holmris.

The ambition is further growth and the merger provides a solid platform for continued expansion in both northern Europe and selected export markets.

“The well-established relationships with customers and suppliers will be further strengthened through the merger, and Holmris B8 will be an innovative and future-proof company in the market,” says B8 chairman of the Board, Søren Østergaard Sørensen.

The main office and production will be on Martin Bachs Vej in Bjerringbro, where B8 is located today. The group of owners becomes BWB Partners (main shareholder), Niels Due Jensen, Henrik Holmris, Niels Henrik Lauritzen and a group of managing employees. Henrik Holmris becomes CEO of the new company.

The merger is conditional on The Danish Competition and Consumer Authority and is expected to be approved within the next eight weeks.

The partners have chosen not to publish the purchase price.