BWB Partners invests in iMPREG Group

6. January 2016

BWB Partners has acquired a majority stake in iMPREG Group from Ivan Bjerg-Larsen and family.

iMPREG is a leading player in a rapidly expanding market for strong glass-fibre based pipe liners used for trenchless sewer rehabilitation.

iMPREG currently focuses on the rehabilitation of sewage and waste water pipes, with a continuous focus on product development. Today, the company primarily addresses the European market, but has recently established subsidiaries in the USA and China.

iMPREG’s solution for trenchless rehabilitation requires considerably less digging than traditional replacement of pipes which reduces installation time. This makes the solution particularly suitable for rehabilitation of sewage and waste water piping in urban areas with dense traffic, as disruption to traffic is less. 

BWB Partners aims to continue the company’s international expansion by adding capital and additional management expertise. Ivan Bjerg-Larsen continues as CEO and retains a significant shareholding in iMPREG.

“There is an ever-increasing need for rehabilitation of the world’s waste water networks. We see good opportunities for continuing iMPREG’s growth in Europe while building positions in North America and especially Asia”, says Jacob Bergenholtz, Managing Partner of BWB Partners.

“With the investment by BWB Partners, we are initiating a generational change. We welcome a majority shareholder that can contribute capital and expertise to the continued globalisation of iMPREG, fully exploring the potential of our technology all over the world”, says CEO Ivan-Bjerg Larsen.

Today, iMPREG has more than 100 employees. Its head office is located in Hellerup (Denmark), with production in Ammerbuch (Germany), and sales offices in Düsseldorf (Germany), Chicago (USA) and Shanghai (China).

The parties have agreed not to disclose the transaction value.

For further information, please contact:
BWB Partners: Jacob Bergenholtz, Managing Partner, tel: +45 24 64 32 34, e-mail:
iMPREG Group: Ivan Bjerg-Larsen, CEO, tel: +45 43 54 85 00, e-mail: